We are Gypse Freq Circus and we think music is the common thread that holds all humans together. Taking our name from the word gypsy, meaning a nomadic or free-spirited person, we are a live EDM band seeking to incorporate all genres of music and performance art to create a unique experience for the observer. 

Our group is the concept of producer and bassist Sunshine and production manager Kallie.  Since then, we’ve grown to include Laura on vocals, CJ on percussion, and Ash on violin and guitar. We are fortunate to be able to share our creative visions with you through the help of so many talented individuals, on and off the stage. Together we are inclusive, experimental, whimsical and fun. Everyone is part of our beautiful mosaic, including you!  

Being human is a complex set of experiences and while many experiences are successful and happy, some are not. We find value in expressing the emotions that are part of all those experiences. We hope our music speaks to people from all walks of life. If we all stand in a circle, we know we’ll find far more similarities drawing us together than pulling us apart.

We can’t wait to meet you!


Gypse Freq Circus